Holi is one of the major festivals in South Asia and it comes in Spring. It’s Basically a two-day festival starts with Holika Bonfire on the night before. People come together and do rituals infront of Holika and pray that evil should be destroyed from the world and peace should be established amongst the human beings. The next day is celebrated as Holi, where people play with dry colour powder and they play, chase and colour each other with love. By doing this they spread the message that everyone is equal after they are covered with colour. Rich or poor, friend or stranger, man or woman, children or elder. It’s a fair game for everyone. People play with colours and in some areas with water too in the open streets. Playgrounds, outside temples and buildings. They sing, Dance, Play Drums and musical instruments. One of the popular drink on this day is “Bhang”, made from cannabis leaves.

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Event: Halifax Colour Festival – 2015

Location: Dalhousie Studley Quad